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"I thank you for the way you handled and resolved the matter concerning my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Chrysler. In the future if I need any help with a legal matter I will not hesitate to call upon you to handle the matter for me. I am very satisfied with you and your staff."
-Eldon Washington, Mount Vernon, NY 

"Thank You so much for being tenacious and forcing a settlement from a less than ethical car manufac. I appreciate the constant contact you provided through numerous emails and phone calls. I certainly know that I could not have gotten the same results if I went it alone."

-Sal Pellerito, New Rochelle, NY

"For over a year Jeep/Chrysler refused to repurchase my lemon.  Thanks to Eugene and his preparation with the arbitration case, Chrysler repurchased my car after 1 1/2 years."
-David H. Khani, Great Neck, NY

"It was a pleasure having Eugene Krukas handle the problem I had with my Lincoln. From the very beginning, he assured me that he would handle the 'problem', which he very capably did. Eugene knows his way around and through the auto company bureaucracy. He represents his clients completely, giving and explaining all choices, and never stopping until he get's the best results possible."
-Moshe Ginsburg, Woodmere, NY

"From my initial view of Eugene Krukas' highly informative website right up until the day I received a replacement vehicle from Toyota, I was nothing but impressed.  Eugene answered and responded to all my questions and emails with lightning speed. I was amazed at how efficiently he handled the whole lemon law process. I also learned from this experience that Toyota is an auto company that is fully committed to it's customers safety and satisfaction.  I was very pleased with the resolution of my repair issues and I would highly recommend his firm.  Many thanks Eugene for the admirable work that you do as a consumer advocate and for your very professional service that resolved an extremely frustrating situation for me with relative ease."
-Thomas Holochwost, Hampton Bays, NY 

"59 days since I heard your radio spot. I'm sitting at my desk looking at a nice fat check from G.M.. So glad I heard it and called your firm. The pleasure is mine."
-Jeff A., Huntington, NY

"Just when I thought there was no way to get any compensation from a terrible car and horrible leasing experience, Mr. Krukas was able to help! Very professional and an excellent lawyer!"
Jacklyn, C., Yonkers, NY

"I would highly recommend Mr Krukas as representation to anyone with a 'lemon'. His knowledge, and patience with my questions made my experience easy, and my end result was very favorable."
Kevin Schuh, Wantagh, NY

"I was delighted with the services of Eugene Krukas.  His professionalism and attention to my case was such a relief after dealing with the purchase of my car.  Because of his diligent attention I was given a new car in exchange for the lemon I had, in the color I wanted and with no out of pocket costs.  I credit the successful conclusion of this case to the exemplary work of Mr. Krukas and would recommend this firm to anyone in my situation.  Thank you Mr. Krukas! - Rick"
-Rick Alicea, Far Rockaway, NY

"I was nervous and skeptical about a lemon law attorney. After many problems with my Jeep I decided to contact Eugene.  The other option was to take a substantial loss on an expensive vehicle at trade-in. He and his team explained my options to me and put my concerns at ease.  I retained Eugene and his firm.  He explained the process, kept me up to date with progress and put my best interests above his.  The first offer would have netted him a greater attorney fee but he advised me to hold out for an offer that was better for me.  Ultimately, that is what we got and Chrysler repurchased my car.  This took a lot of stress out of an awful situation.  I would highly recommend Eugene and his team.  They are honest, hard working, and good at what they do.

Thank you guys!  I appreciate your help more than you know!!"
-Adam S., Ballston Lake, NY

"I was well informed of every step taken and it couldn't have gone smoother. Thanks for helping us out and I highly recommend this firm to any customers experiencing difficulty with a lemon."
-Stuart Hornik, Syosset, NY

"Very good service. I have a 2011 Nissan altima and the service dealership refuse to fix my car. I called over to Eugene Krukas and I told him what was going on. He wanted Nissan to buy the car back because it had roof leaks but Eugene called me and said we can do a cash settlement. I agreed and I am happy with the amount that he settle for."
-Yakov Shimonov, Flushing, NY

"I bought a 2011 Ford Mustang in the summer of 2010. It has several problems with the clutch which were fixed four times and also it was kept in service for and extended amount of time exceeding a month. I asked ford for a replacement and they refused. I called Eugene Krukas and could not have been more satisfied with the results. His timeliness in responding to any of my concerns was immediate and I had dozens upon dozens of questions for him. He was able to get me a repurchase on my vehicle so I was able to go out and buy a different car of my choice, which is exactly what I wanted. If you have a car that you think may be a lemon CALL EUGENE, he gives customer service that is hard to find these days and will get you results in a low amount of time with minimal effort on your part. I am a very picky and impatient person and Eugene made me very happy with everything he did!"
-Timothy Vasiloff, Amherst, NY

"I would highly recommend the firm of Eugene Krukas. We got back over what he said we might get and the outcome was pretty quick.  He kept me informed every step of the way.  Was an excellent experience."
-William Bergman, Islip Terrace, NY

"Eugene Krukas is the Best Lemon Law Lawyer, Period! I had many misgivings about contacting a lawyer over the internet, especially from NY city. All I can say is that I was wrong and this worked out way better than I could have ever imagined!
Mr Krukas guides and helps you every step of the way in pursuing your lemon law claim. He will list the paperwork you need to submit to him. He then will review and advise whether further paperwork is needed. Once the paperwork is complete, he takes over and keeps you informed on the progress of your case. Anytime you have a question he is just a call away. His demeanor is always pleasant and professional.  How did the case end up? Terrific!!!  Mr Krukas was able to get all the money I had put into the car returned to me as well as having the remainder of my car loan paid off.  He explained what I needed to do to obtain reimbursement of the sales tax that I paid on the car. He charged me nothing for his services. I was very fortunate to find Mr. Krukas! Very fortunate indeed."
-Geoffrey Jones, Rochester, NY

"My experience in dealing with Mr. Krukas was very positive. He continued to phone me and e-mail me, keeping me informed continually about his dealings with GMAC and my car. I was very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend anyone to contact him.  Along with doing a good job for me, he was very personable and patient.  Do not hesitate to give him a call or e-mail him with any questions that you might have."

-Linda Shane, Rochester, NY



"I had a surprisingly great experience with Mr. Krukas.  I had bought a Land Rover, the major reason being that it is advertised as a very sturdy car.  I did not know that there was such thing as the lemon law.  When I had one problem after an other, I found out through someone leaving their car for repairs about the lemon law and started doing research.  Most firms I contacted told me that the period to take action had expired. Mr. Krukas took my case and not only got us a significant amount of cash but extended the guarantee to 8 years.  He dealt with the issue in a most professional manner and I strongly recommend him."

-Deborah Brenner, Riverdale, NY

"We cannot say enough good things about Eugene Krukas and how he helped us with our lemon 2010 Dodge Journey. So many problems with this truck. We actually didn't think we would have any rights being our mileage was over the amount for the lemon law. But, Eugene did it... They took back the truck and we were rid of the Lemon... Had a file thicker than i can tell you on the problems we have had, Brakes, New Tranny and the list goes on and on. At one point Eugene even offered to meet us at the dealership if we had any problems at all... I mean he was willing to meet us.... who does this? I cannot stress enough how much he went above and beyond for us.... I would and will HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to all our friends and family... Thank you so much Eugene."
-Wayne & Teresa Amore, Massapequa, NY

"I had leased a vehicle for the first time, which required an exorbitant amount of visits to the dealership!  After ten or so lost work days by my husband within months of the life of this new car, we were fed up!  From day one, in speaking with Mr. Krukas, we felt some hope in getting resolution to a disastrous auto deal.  Mr. Krukas inspired confidence within a minimal amount of phone interactions and merited us a more than decent settlement.  I would recommend him to anyone requiring such help in getting much deserved compensation in your lemon law suit!"
Cheryl Rivera, Bronx, NY

"Thank you for the no hassle straight up way in which you handled my case with Ford Motor Company regarding my 2008 F250.  You explained the situation clearly, made no false promises and delivered the goods.  Way to go Eugene!"
-Robert Ripp, Massapequa, NY

"I would like to thank Eugene Krukas for handling the problem I was having with my 2011 KIA Optima Hybrid.  Eugene kept me very informed every step through this process.  KIA did take a long time to settle, but they did with a [replacement] 2012 sportage of my choosing.  I can't thank Eugene enough for the great outcome.  Eugene was very professional and a great lawyer."
-Ted Fairbanks, Horseheads, NY

"After hundreds of miles, unknown gallons of gas, and our family time being wasted because of a 2010 Volkswagen Routan with electrical problems, Mr. Krukas helped us.  The dealer continued to attempt to correct the problem because it was under warranty and they were making money fixing the problem.  We had had enough!  With some research my wife found Mr. Krukas and we were in business.  We are very grateful to have been able to get out from under the old vehicle and Volkswagen gave us a new vehicle, with the assistance of Mr. Krukas.  Very professional and fast with our requests.  Thank you."
-Dustin and Christina Hite, Camden, NY

"Thank you so much for the way you handled my case, you did a wonderful job.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing help with their car.  From the beginning you told me what would be the outcome with regard to my 2009 VW CCSport."
-Jim Mannion, Yonkers, NY

"We were so upset with Nissan after bringing out vehicle in seven or more different times for a few and minor repair issues.  Every time the vehicle went in for repair Nissan kept telling us that they could not find anything wrong.  We pointed out the issues time and time again and they kept insisting that they could not find anything wrong.  I told my husband that I wanted to see if there was an attorney that would be willing to help us with this issue.  I looked online and the first attorney that I came across was Eugene Krukas.  I felt very comfortable after my very first conversation with his office.  I asked him if he would be willing to represent us with out case and he was more than happy to help us.  Within a very short time we had a very favorable result.  He is very courteous, understanding, and knowledgeable.  My husband and I are very happy with the end results.  We would recommend him very highly.  We will not hesitate to call upon him if we ever need his assistance and guidance again.  Thank you Mr. Krukas."
-Mary and Larry Pellegrino, Ozone Park, NY

"I was very pleased with the immediate response returning my phone call, and more so impressed with the final results.  Your persistent follow up, prompt service and overall diligence, made me confident I was being represented by the best!  Thank you!"
-J. Wolfe, Middletown, NY

"I wanted to thank your firm for a great experience.  You did everything you said you would and getting my car returned and my purchase money back was carefree.  It didn't cost to use your firm, it paid.  Thank you.
-Dayton Guinee, Thornwood, NY

"I would like to thank you for the tremendous job.  You did a excellent job resolving my lemon law problem.  I have your firm on speed dial.  Thanks again for a great job."
-Lamont Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

"We were so happy we contacted Eugene Krukas. Even though we weren't eligible for the lemon law, Eugene was still able to assist us in receiving a settlement from Chrysler. We would not have been able do this on our own."
-Mario & Jean L., Oakdale, NY

"Eugene you're awesome!!!!!!! i never thought i would have received a penny.  The dealership that sold me my Ford drove me to find some help. A random search, 10 min of my time and there you were. Rest assured I will give your name to every person i meet that's having trouble with a vehicle"
-Kurt Miller, Franklinville, NY

"It was a pleasure working with Mr. Krukas. Mr. Krukas was extremely knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and comfortable to speak with. Everything was done in a timely manner. I would without a doubt recommend Mr. Krukas' services to my family and friends. I can't say enough about what a great experience and I was very pleased of the outcome. My 2011 Equinox was replaced with a 2013 Equinox and I'm most grateful. Thanks again Mr. Krukas."
-Patricia Schrowang, West Coxsackie, NY

"Eugene handled our lemon law claim rapidly and with outstanding results.  He advised us about the process and kept us informed every step of the way.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs help.  He is the BEST."
-Doris McGrath, Kings Park, NY

"I leased a 2010 Volkswagen GTI that has constant mechanical issues and transmission failures.  I knew I had a lemon but I did not know what to do.  I went on google, searched for lemon law, and Eugene Krukas was the first to come up in the Tri-State area.  When I first began the process I did not think it would work.  Before I knew it a couple of weeks went by and I got a call that we have a settlement.  I received 95% of my lease payments back.  They also took back my car.  Highly recommend!"
-David Zinin, Rego Park, NY


"I had a lemon law case against Mercedes and when i turned to this firm my case was handled in a very professional manner. Everything was done in a timely manner as promised. Case did not go even go to Arbitration, it was settled.  I received all the money that i paid out to Mercedes for the year and a half that I had the car. There were no hidden fees that I had to pay out to the attorney. If at any time I could not reach my attorney, my messages were returned right away with a satisfactory answer. If at anytime in the future I would need an attorney who specializes in lemon law, I would go back to this firm. I was very satisfied with the work that was done and the professional manner in which it was handled."

-Svetlana Barskaya, Staten Island, NY



"In November of 2005 I bought a 2006 Toyota Highlander SUV.  In July of 2006 while driving, my wife lost her brakes. Luckily, she pulled over to the curb and coasted until the SUV came to a stop.  Toyota kept it almost two weeks.  After taking it back to Toyota the fourth time, I requested a new vehicle but Toyota refused.  I called Eugene Krukas and he went to work.  He kept me informed all the way to the end.  He got Toyota to take back my 2006 highlander and replaced it with a 2007 highlander with extra features and no extra payment. I also got free extended coverage.  Eugene Krukas is an extremely efficient and reliable professional.  Have vehicle problems? Call Eugene Krukas AND YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR."

-Darrel Hunte, Queens Village, NY


"He did a fantastic job with my 2005 Dodge Magnum RT.  I had an issue where I had been back to the dealer 5 times for a airbag light that would keep lighting up. It took a few months but Chrysler bought the car back.  The process was seamless and I would not hesitate to use Eugene Krukas again."

-E. Perry, Hollis, NY



"Mr. Krukas did an excellent job resolving our lemon law complaint.  He was very knowledgeable about the laws and procedures and his advice resulted in us getting a settlement as favorable as we would have gotten in arbitration in significantly less time.  He was very accessible throughout the process and always responded to our questions very promptly.  I would
recommend him to others without reservation."

-Brian R., Great Neck, NY



"Mr. Krukas did an outstanding job in resolving my lemon law
case against Chrysler.  My 2005 RT Magnum had multiple transmission failures and Eugene handled the required paperwork and contacts professionally and very quickly.... Chrysler settled prior to going to court.  He made a very frustrating situation very easy.  I would not hesitate to use his services again."

-Jim Stahl, Malverne, NY



"My experience working with Mr. Krukas was positive.  My problems involved my GMAC Envoy.  Mr.Krukas explained my rights under the lemon law. He was very patient with all my questions.  Prior to his involvement my concerns about my car were ignored by GM.  He successfully negotiated a buy back for my vehicle. All this was done in a timely manner.  I would recommend anyone needing help with a motor vehicle company to contact Eugene Krukas. My husband and I were very satisfied with his services."

-Rose C., Staten Island, NY



"I had a great experience with Eugene. He was always accessible by phone or email. He gave valuable advice, and I had a favorable outcome. I would use him again."

-Robert Capurso, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY



"Mr. Krukas did a great job getting my a wife a brand new car.
Audi offered to deduct one lease payment (we don't even lease this car!!).  Then Mr. Krukas got involved and wound up getting us a brand new car.  Thanks Mr. Krukas."

-Leonard Caiazzo, Rockaway Park, NY



"Despite repeated 'check engine light' issues with a new car, I was hesitant to pursue a lemon law settlement or to contact a lawyer.  My finances were limited and I didn't know who to trust.  After getting little guidance from the manufacturer, I contacted Eugene Krukas after seeing a web ad.  He answered my questions clearly and honestly, understood my concerns, and worked within my guidelines.  My problem was resolved with a buy-back offer.  I'm in a new vehicle now, and really appreciate the help provided by Lemon Law.  It was a lot better than trying to negotiate on my own."

-Steve Keeney, Middletown, NY



"Mr. Krukas provided me with excellent service throughout the process of obtaining a settlement through the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act for repeated problems I experienced with my General Motors vehicle.  He is highly professional and was very responsive to all of my questions.  I would recommend his firm to anyone unfortunate enough to get stuck with a lemon."

-Michael D., Queens, NY



"Mr. Krukas: Your action against the car company was so very successful. You were conscientious and insistent. Thank you so much."

-Herb Needlman, Long Island, NY



"Thank you for working on my case in a diligent and timely manner. The very first time I called just to explain my situation you listened with with an open ear. You were understanding and you believed what I had to say about my unreliable car. You took my problem seriously and coached me as my car continued to break down. With your perseverance you were able to convince General Motors that consumers have rights too. You won my case!!!!  Thank you sir job well done!  I will highly recommend you to my family and friends."

-Sandra Spacone, Niagara Falls, NY



"When I first came in contact with Mr.Krukas at the Lemon Law Firm, regarding my 2007 automobile case, I was amazed at the professionalism & communicative skills via telephone & email between ourselves. I was extremely relaxed and satisfied with Mr.Krukas and the way he went about the entire case in such a speedy manner. Therefore, I would not in anyway hesitate in recommending anyone who needs such legal advice or service. I believe strongly in Mr.Krukas. Make that call now."

-R. Carrion, Brooklyn, NY



"I just want to thank Mr. Krukas for all his help.  I got tired of getting the run around from VW on my 1yr old Jetta.  I had problems from the start with it.  After one year and numerous trips to the dealership, I contacted Mr. Krukas.  Mr. Krukas resolved my car issues within a few months, without me having to go through a lengthy law suit, or any further aggravation. I want to thank him for resolving an issue that I thought would never get resolved."

-Brandi Lanari, Nanuet, NY



"I had a great experience with Mr. Krukas. Thank you so much for taking up my case! Your advice was extremely valuable.

-Niharika Walia, Long Island, NY



"Thank you so much for helping me to obtain the settlement that you did; I was so pleased with the outcome. I appreciate your promptness when handling my emails/phone calls and paperwork. I would happily recommend you to anyone in the same situation."

-Katherine Clingo, Mineola, NY



"I was completely satisfied with the work of Eugene Krukas.  I found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable.  He took the time to explain all necessary processes to me and was very honest about all possible outcomes.  He was always available and quick to respond.  I would recommend him and and use him again if needed without hesitation."

-Susan McCarthy, Plainview, NY



"Quick and efficient service. Mr. Krukas was always available or returned calls promptly.  He also seems to be very knowledgeable about the subject at hand.  Would use his services again and again and again."

-Errol R, West Hempstead, NY



"Eugene, thank you for your efforts on my case.  I couldn't have been more satisfied with the outcome.  I am relieved I was able to get out my car and into a safe and reliable car with help of your firm!!"

-Anthony Mancuso, Scarsdale, NY



"No words can adequately express our appreciation of and confidence in Mr. Krukas, ESQ.  We were experiencing difficultly in resolving issues with a well-known RV Manufacturer.  Our case began at the dealership level, escalated to the particular state's Attorney General, and then after many dealings with the manufacturer, themselves, we finally found Eugene.  From day one of our initial contact, he was right on task.  Every step of the journey, he was there to answer questions and go forth pursuing a settlement for us.  Although we never met personally, we feel we could have never found a more competent and compassionate attorney."

-Jim & Suzanne Williams, Massena, NY



"My lemon car was a 2007 MINI Cooper.  Mr. Krukas represented me to negotiate a settlement against the MINI Division of BMW North America, LLC.  Mr. Krukas professionally handled the case and got me the settlement within a month.  To the end BMW repurchased my car back. I was very happy working with Mr. Krukas.  He did everything in a timely manner, which is very important to me.  I highly recommend Mr. Krukas to you if you need a lemon car attorney."

-Iris Zhang, Sound Beach, NY



"My experience was great working with Eugene Krukas.  A friend recommended him after hearing about all of my problems with Chrysler.  He was so knowledgeable, professional and prompt with all that he did.  I was very happy with the results.  I would recommend him to everyone.  Thanks again for all of your help, Eugene."

-Erin, Long Island, NY



"After almost 4 years of pain with a 2005 Cadillac STS that I thought I was stuck with, Gene Krukas got me the immediate relief I thought was impossible.  Gene Krukas provided exactly the type of support you hope to get from your attorney.  He provided incredibly fast, efficient, painless assistance in representing me against GM.  I did not qualify for NY lemon law, but Gene found another way to help.  We transacted the entire case via email and fax.  It was incredibly easy.  From my initial call to Gene's office until the time I had a check in my hand not more than 8 weeks elapsed.  GM made several offers and Gene advised me on which would be the best for me.  I can't say enough about Gene's professionalism and expertise in this area.  Also, I dealt exclusively with Gene, not another attorney or a paralegal - only Gene."

-Mitch Alexander, Dix Hills, NY

"I am happy to complete this testimonial on behalf of the service I received regarding my problem with Volkswagen Auto Group.  When my car went back to the dealer for the second time I was devastated.  I was facing a $400 dollar monthly payment while the car was continuing to stall out intermittently.  The dealer already had my car for about twenty days, replacing all of the fuel pumps.  When I picked up the car this time I was assured that VW sent a technical rep that assured me the car was repaired with precision and would prove to be mechanically sound.   Within a few days I was pulling out of my work and the car stalled.  I managed to get it running but it was to late to go back to the dealer.  During this whole process I was talking to Mr. Krukas on the phone even though I was not officially a client.  Mr. Krukas coached me through every step of this terrible situation.  He explained the law with clarity,  giving me the information I needed to protect my interest.  At this point Mr. Krukas advise me to seek help from another dealer since things became very unpleasant at the purchasing dealer.   The new dealer kept my car for more than a week and told me that the issue “could not be duplicated” and they sent me on my way.  Again Mr. Krukas communicated what I need to do in the event the car stalled.  After almost a month the car stalled again.  I went back to the dealer and followed the instructions that Mr. Krukas clearly spelled out.  Again my car was in the shop for about a week and the dealer replaced the ignition system and a fuel pressure sensor assuring me the the lead technician was sure that this would resolve the problem.  Ultimately Mr. Krukas resolved my problem by securing a brand new car.  He emailed and called me every step of the way.  He held VW accountable proving his skill as an attorney."
-Stephen Bouchet, Bay Shore, NY

" It was a pleasure dealing with Eugene Krukas in handling the lemon law case for my 2008 Dodge Avenger. I had a frustrating experience dealing with Chrysler and the local dealership; however, when Eugene Krukas became involved the process was resolved expediently and with a very positive outcome. He was extremely familiar with the NY state lemon law and the full process to resolve the situation. I would highly recommend his services."
-Teresa F, Hauppauge, NY

"Eugene Krukas handle my claim with Chrysler Corp LLC. He is the very BEST. You Can Trust Eugene, with whatever he will say. He will do. A HAPPY Client."
-Gene Dworkin, Bayside, NY

"Thank You so very much for helping me to obtain the settlement that you did. I was pleased with the outcome. I appreciate your prompt handling of my e-mail phone aand paperwork. I would recommend him and use him again if needed with hesitation."
-John Dorato, Staten Island, NY

" I contacted Eugene for my Lemon Law case with Chrysler/Jeep. The whole process was so easy, the documents and paper work all was done via email or US Mail. Eugene took the time to explain everything and answered any and ALL of my questions and concerns. My 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited had major transmission problems. Eugene reviewed my case and represented me in my case with Chrysler. My case was settled in a few months time and resulted in Chrysler buying back my Jeep. I would recommend Eugene to represent you in a Lemon Law lawsuit. Thanks Eugene for the great job in representing my in my Lemon Law lawsuit with Chrysler."
-Joseph P. Vella, N. Babylon, NY

" I am an attorney and I was fighting with Jaguar for months. I decided to have Mr. Krukas take this matter over for me. In a short period of time he was able to resolve this matter favorably. Thank you Gene!"
-Richard T. Harris, Rego Park, NY

" Dear Gene, Thank you for going to bat against GM and getting our 2008 Saturn Vue XR bought back off lease. Your advice was as sound as your integrity and ethics. You could have advised us to settle and made more money but you honored our wishes to have the car bought back. From the very first phone call I knew I had picked the right man for the job. You answered your phone, checked your emails and responded as fast as humanly possible, even late at night! You made sure we stayed on track, went back and each prediction we right. You even knew that the information both the Better Business Bureau and New York State Attorney General's office had provided was incorrect and you were proven absolutely right. You structured the argument carefully and accurately and in the end, GM realized we were in the right and did the right thing. Thank you again, Michael Rubin."
-Michael Rubin, Plainview, NY

"So i bought a Jeep wrangler in Feb of 09. 3 months after i got it, it started leaking every time it would rain water would get into the truck. Wasn't to happy so brought it back to the dealer. Well after 7 times and still not fixed i was fed up so i searched for lemon law attorneys on the web and Eugene's name was the first to come up and im glad i called him. Right from the start i had a great feeling. I told him the problem and he told me right away that he would be able to help and sure enough exactly 3 months to the day my truck is gone(miss the truck but not the problems) and i received a full payout from Chrysler. Eugene and i spoke back and forth through email and the phone. Just wanted to say thanks Eugene i cant believe how stress free the process was. Eugene knows his stuff and if you are having car trouble he is definitely the man to talk to. To be honest even if this ever happens again where i have to lemon my car it wont stress me out one bit because i know just to call Eugene and he will take care of it."
-James Baxter, Long Island, NY

" I had been trying to deal with the service center for my 2007 Nissan with mixed results. After having the car in the dealers shop numerous times with the same steering issue not being addressed adequately I reached out to Mr.Krukas. My stress level went to near zero after speaking with him.I can not thank him enough for the speedy response to any questions I had as well as the timely and positive resolution to the situation in my favor."
-Joe Liselli, Islip Terrace, NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this process much easier to deal with. I know this was a unique one for you but thank you for always being available and getting back to me right away. After all the stuff I went through with my 2008 Trailblazer and Altanlic Chevrolet,in Bayshore and their incompetient service department {Management} you made good things happen. Thank You, Diana AAA+++++"
-Diana Carbone, Massapequa Park, NY

" We got involved with a 2007 Nissan Armada which came defective from the manufacture, fortunely for us we heard Mr. Krukas from a gentleman in the bank. Mr. Krukas won us monetary compensation for our car. I was very happy for his professionalism. Always returned our calls in a timely manner and answered our questions. Still today i call him with questions with our other vehicle and helps. I would highly recommend Mr. Krukas for any legal problems that you are having with your vehicle."
-Mr. & Mrs. Ortiz, Valley Stream, NY

" From day one, Mr Krukus presented us with a positive outlook on our case with Saturn Corp. Within a month, we were presented with satisfactory outcome to our case. Kudos to Gene Krukas"
-Ronald LaMarque, Hudson Falls, NY 

"Eugene, Once again thank you for your investigation in my lemon law claim with GM. There were times when I thought my claim would end without positive results, however, your attention to detail, and perseverance resulted in settling my claim. I would highly recommend you and your services."
-Joseph Schiano, Middle Village, NY

"My Chrysler 300C was a real lemon from the start. I contacted Mr. Krukas and he was very proactive in resolving my issues with Chrysler. As the process was nearing completion, Chrysler filed for bankruptcy and this suit had to be re-filed and the process re-started from the beginning. Mr. Krukas was always available for my questions and really stayed on top of the case. He was able to resolve the case completely to my satisfaction and I would certainly recommend his services to other potential clients."
-Martin Wolmark, Suffern, NY

" Mr. Krukas was very pleasant to deal with with my case against GM. He kept me informed every step along the way in getting me a cash settlement with GM. I had not known of the Lemon Law in reality, i had heard of it but had no idea of how it worked. Thanks to Eugene i am very pleased with my settlement and would recommend him to anyone falling under this circumstance. I would most certainly deal with him again if the need ever rises again. Again, he was very pleasant to deal with."
-Donald Tremper, Sidney, NY

"Out of sheer frustration I did a web search and came upon Mr. Krukas' site. From that moment on I found Mr. Krukas helpful, courteous, patient, understanding and knowledgable. Following Mr. Krukas' direction and guidance we were able to come to a fair resolution with the manufacturer."
-Mark Nathan, Syosset, NY

"After nearly a year of stressful battling with my Land Rover Dealer to take back my 100K 2008 Range Rover Supercharged LEMON, I decided to contact Eugene Krukas. Within 30 days, the manufacturer agreed to give me a full refund, and Eugene made sure I got every single penny. He kept me informed throughout the entire process. I couldn't be happier!!!"
-Aeen Avini, Forest Hills, NY

" I purchased a SRX from Cadillac and after two months the car would not start, several attempts were made to resolve the issue to no avail. Eugene Krukas steeped in and I had my money refunded in less than a month. All paper work was done via fax and in a timely fashion.High regards to Mr. Krukas"
-Scott Anderson, Weehawken, NJ

"Eugene krukas was very professional got right to the point about my case and got me a nice settlement on my mazda truck. It gave me a alot of problems but now the truck runs good and got some money out of it. I would recommend his law firm to anyone with lemon law problems. thanks again eugene."
-Dom Florio, Lindenhurst, NY

"Mr.Krukas handled my Lemon Law claim for my 2008 Saturn. quickly and professionally. I was pleased to have him represent me and would highly recommend Eugene to anyone. Thank you for a successful outcome."
-Carlos Vasconez, Yonkers, NY

"In December of 08 I contacted Mr. Krukas seeking info for my 07 GMC Acadia. My car would leak water inside when it rained. He gave me the lowdown on my rights as a consumer which led to GMC repurchasing my vehicle in March of 09 under the N.Y.Lemon Law. Mr. Krukas was right on point with his assessment. I highly recommend him 100%."
-Luis Hernandez, Brooklyn, NY

"I initially contacted Mr. Krukas after months of frustration pertaining to my 2009 VW Tiguan that had been in and out of service 11 times in less than 18 months.  His firm evaluated my case and provided me with sound advice in how I could proceed.  His expertise proved extremely valuable in my dealings with various VW Service Managers, dealers, and VW Customer Service.  Mr. Krukas was extremely patient and helpful during the nearly 2 months it took to finish the service process before he was able to file a lemon claim.  In the end, I was extremely satisfied with the advice, service and outcome I received from Mr. Krukas and his firm.  I would turn to Mr. Krukas again should I be faced with another Lemon issue and highly recommend him to anyone experiencing possible lemon issues with their automobile.
-Jason, New York, NY

"I had a wonderful experience working with Mr. Krukas on my recent lemon law complaint.  Every time I phoned the office my call was answered.  The response was very quick, and he settled my case within a few weeks with a complete refund of EVERY dollar I had spent on my vehicle.  I would recommend Mr. Krukas to any friend or family member in a similar situation; he did an amazing job for me!"
-Mary D'Angelo, Ontario, NY

"I leased one of the best known and most popular convertibles of our time (the make is not important); the problem was whenever it rained the roof leaked unbelievably.  I took it to the dealer seven times - No Luck!  I was in Law Enforcement for thirty-six years and consequentially met and worked with a great number of lawyers.  None however, in my opinion were equal to Mr. Krukas.  He is very personable, yet extremely professional and dependable; he never fails to return your calls and above all knows the law.  Everything that Mr. Krukas predicted came true.  He informed me that because of the company involved the case would probably be settled without going to court or arbitration.  Sure enough they took the car back and gave me an agreed upon settlement. "
-H. J. P., Oyster Bay, NY

"I took delivery of the new replacement car today, thanks to the advise and support I received from Eugene Krukas. I first contacted Mr. Krukas about 6 months ago, after my first repair. While my car was not eligible for a warranty replacement at that point, Mr. Krukas explained the law and walked me through the process, necessary documentation, what to watch for and next steps. Mr. Krukas kept in touch during this time - the communication was very clear and his replies came virtually instantaneously, even on weekends. After the third significant repair and over 30 days in the shop, the car became eligible for a replacement at which point Mr Krukas explained my options, we formalized the engagement and Mr. Krukas proceeded with the case. He received an offer from the manufacturer in less than a week and subsequently negotiated a better deal for a replacement vehicle, saving us just under $1,500 - we could not be happier! I highly recommend his services and would like to thank him one more time for his help, time and dedication."
Roman D., Cold Spring, NY

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