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Published July 18, 2011
People are often surprised when they find out I am a New York Lemon Law attorney.  There aren't a lot of us out there, and it's quite frankly not something you hear about all too often.  In fact, a lot of the people I speak to in the course of everyday life tell me they thought the Lemon Law only covered used cars.  That is of course a huge misconception which I do my best to correct.

The fact of the matter is that the New York Lemon Law isn't something most people have any reason to give much thought to until they actually end up having a problem.  While I think it would be beneficial for all drivers to read my pointers on what everyone should know about the Lemon Law (even if they don't have a problem), I recognize that there just won't be much interest in the subject from people who are consistently traveling from Point A to Point B and not having any difficulties in the process.

That being said, it does very much concern me that there might be a lot of people out there who are indeed having problems, and just aren't aware that assistance is a phone call away.  I can't tell you how many people have told me that they had a horrible vehicle a number of years back and just decided to trade it in.  I feel bad for those people because they undoubtedly took a big loss on their vehicle due to depreciation and the extensive repair history - and they might have actually qualified for a refund of their original purchase price, a brand new replacement vehicle, or monetary compensation.

For the past seven years we have relied almost entirely on internet advertising to get the word out about our services.  This is an amazing way for people who are already know they have rights to find me so I can help them.  However, in an effort to reach those people who could qualify for assistance and just don't know it, we recently produced some radio commercials which are running in the New York City and Long Island metropolitan areas. 

For your listening enjoyment, click the link below to hear them in "Quicktime" format.

Listen To Lemon Freedom Radio Advertisements

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