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Eugene Krukas Calls Upon New York Political Leaders To Create A "Safety Lemon" Provision

Published April 25, 2013
Back in 2008 we called upon then Governer Spizer and the leaders of the New York State Legislator to add a "Safety Lemon" provision to the New York Lemon Law statute. While we received some interest from local politicians and news media, five years have passed and the statute has not yet been updated.

We now urgently reiterate this call upon Governor Andrew Cuomo and the current legislative leadership to address this dangerous gap in New York's Lemon Law.  As the statute is currently written there is no distinction between run of the mill automobile issues such as water leaks or defective navigation systems, and issues that can be potentially life threatening such as stalling conditions or failure of safety devices such as seatbelts and airbags.

It just doesn't make sense to expect New Yorkers to need four repairs for their vehicle stalling at highway speeds, with the condition persisting after the fourth repair, in order to qualify for the Lemon Law.  It defies common sense, and we hope that the power that be in New York agree with us.

You can view a PDF scan of the letter to Government officials suggesting improvements to New York Lemon law. We have also issued a press release on the topic of safety lemon provision, which you can view here.

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